Care for Introverts

Introverted people often become accustomed to feeling isolated from society and the classroom, but there’s no need for this trend to continue. Introverts are no less capable of becoming involved in educational discussions than their more outgoing counterparts!

Here are a few ways to ensure introverts are included:

1.) Be patient – introverts don’t always want to speak up at the outset, so give them time to feel more comfortable.

2.) Maintain a peaceful learning space – an introverted student will not thrive in chaos.

3.) Don’t only focus on louder students – they also need to be taught effectively, but outgoing students shouldn’t dominate lessons.

These tips will help students of all personality types get more from learning, and also assist with more effective teaching. Be flexible and aware of what’s happening in the classroom, for an agile new way to respond to common concerns amongst introverted individuals.

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