Do school exclusions work?

School exclusions have long been held up as an acceptable disciplinary measure in educational institutions. This method takes students out of the classroom for a specified period of time, isolating them from other students. In the United Kingdom, school exclusion allows for children to be excluded from class for up to 45 days in any […]

Teaching tolerance and acceptance

Tolerance and acceptance are two of the most important life skills for people to learn, yet they are just as frequently overlooked within the teaching system. Let’s take a quick look at some of the key ways to encourage a tolerant and accepting mindset: Offer real-world examples. Students need to hear examples of tolerance and […]

What is reflective practice?

Reflective practice can be tremendously useful in the classroom. This principle allows teachers to identify and reflect on past actions and experiences, recognising the patterns which are recurring time and again. By harnessing reflective practice, it is then possible to trace the way these same patterns are shaping our thoughts and behaviour, and adapt them […]

Dialogue with yourself through a teaching log

The process of teaching extends far beyond the classroom, and invariably requires the teacher to do much soul searching and exploration of their own responses, ideas and areas of improvement. This is one of the areas where keeping a teaching log can be incredible helpful, allowing you to keep track of all the ways you […]

Forming Habits

Forming habits is an important part of life, whether we are teaching or carrying out daily tasks. What we do by habit shapes who we are and what we can achieve. Here are a few key tips to getting it right: 1.) Set realistic goals If you plan to achieve unachievable things in a set […]

Let Them Teach

The way we teach is changing. One of the most popular new methods of enabling learning involves getting kids more involved in the very concepts and skills which they are absorbing. Instead of expecting students to be passive learners, why not instead ask them to ‘teach’ their latest findings back to the class? There are […]