Do school exclusions work?

School exclusions have long been held up as an acceptable disciplinary measure in educational institutions. This method takes students out of the classroom for a specified period of time, isolating them from other students. In the United Kingdom, school exclusion allows for children to be excluded from class for up to 45 days in any […]

Dialogue with yourself through a teaching log

The process of teaching extends far beyond the classroom, and invariably requires the teacher to do much soul searching and exploration of their own responses, ideas and areas of improvement. This is one of the areas where keeping a teaching log can be incredible helpful, allowing you to keep track of all the ways you […]

Integrate the Curriculum

Integrate the Curriculum Integrating the curriculum into your classroom is the result of combining the different subject areas into your teaching, and taking a more innovative approach to expanding on the themes which are discovered as a result. Integrated classrooms allow students to discover more than one concept and skill at once, discovering knowledge which […]