How to prepare for parent-teacher meetings

Preparing for parent-teacher meetings may seem more complicated than it needs to be, as even the most confident teacher often gets anxious before the big event. There are a few key activities to undertake prior to the meeting:

1.) Keep communication open.

Ask for feedback from the parents and child during the meeting, and plan a few questions to ask them before the meeting takes place. This will help you feel more prepared, and ensure the event is more productive.

2.) Set an agenda.

This simple tactic will make sure you stay on track and don’t get distracted by anything outside of the meeting itself. Schedule for a few minutes more than you intend, as this will make the meeting feel less stressful for all people involved.

3.) Bring some student work.

If there is anything the child has done which is particularly impressive, or you feel needs mentioning as an area of improvement, bring it to the meeting. This will give you more to talk about and allow you to use real life examples to support your points. Following these simple tips will help your meeting run more smoothly, and reassure both the parents and the child.

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